A human being…

Here’s some truth about your nature – you have one. You have much in common with other humans and yet you are unique, gifted, and gloriously made as a creature of God. You are not a mistake. You are a child of God, designed for purpose and meaning beyond belief. You alone can figure you out – it’s your most important work. Hence the Oracle’s famous creed – Know thyself.

Most never do.

So, here’s some more truth for you. You do not become something you’re not when you cheat toward what strengthens you and away from what weakens you. Life is an energy management problem, remember. God didn’t design you to labor in vain, pain, and eventually drained. God designed you to labor in love, being who you are, displaying His glory, and giving the world a glimpse of His nature as you give more than you take while leaving the world in a little better place. So, friend, do you know who you are? Do you know your hard wiring? Do you know your labor of love? Are you playing to your strengths? Are you stretching those strengths to the edge of your challenge zone? Are you transforming from a human doer who is running out of gas, to a human being who is doing great work simply being who they are?

Masters are always domain specific. You are meant to master your craft. This requires you to know thyself, first and foremost. Do you? Stop delaying the building of your strong core. Build now. As you gain clarity within you will discover your strengths which will enable you to sustain uncommon effort and build unique skills in your labor of love – your opus. This is why BTL exists – Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – One L of a difference. Together we transform. Always together.

You are an original with unique strengths. Know them. Cheat toward them. Build mastery in and through them. Stretch your strengths. You are meant to be who you are. Sounds simple but it’s not easy. It took me 34 years to wake up and begin to be who I am. I am Chet being, well, Chet. The work/play you see me do comes from deep within my being and doesn’t feel like work because I’m being me, stretching my strengths in service to my labor of love. FM, baby. Yesterday, during practice 29, we pushed one outside his comfort zone, we stretched him. Today, he’s responding that he appreciated and wanted the push. Instead of pushing back, he’s pushing through. How ‘bout you, friend, are you staying in your comfort zone or putting yourself in the challenge zone, stretching your strengths and being who you are – A human being? Only you and God really know. Do you?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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