Mental health 301…

If you feel that in some sense you are suffering, please keep reading.

Whatever your plight, here’s some good news for perspective – you are not the first, nor will you be the last. In fact, suffering is and always be part of the human experience. So, like me, learn to embrace pain and suffering. Keep learning. I’m currently reading another sensational Stoic book titled How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. Written by Donald Robertson, this beauty has all kinds of hidden gems about the life of Marcus Aurelius. I am loving it. One of Marcus Aurelius favorite quotes is fast becoming one of mine. Here it is. Absorb this into your system, friend. This is mental health 301.

“It is not things that upset us but our judgements about things.” Thanks, Epictetus.

It’s not the slight from one of my clients that upsets me, it’s what I think that slight says about me that upsets me. It’s not the look you just shot me, it’s about my perception of what that shot meant. It’s not my high cholesterol reading, my 58th cut, or my inability to fix you, my friend, that upsets me, it’s what I think about it that puts me on the down escalator or puts me in a catastrophic free fall. Your mental health takes a huge leap when you realize this fact. You cannot control people, circumstances, or much of anything. Control your mind. Think like a Roman Emperor, friend. If you change your judgements about what harms you, you may just find yourself healed. As for me and my particular plight? I feel better already. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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