A clients worldview…


This is the element of the BTL core that ties and binds ’em all together. Your worldview represents your deepest held beliefs and serves as your internal “matrix” through which you interpret the meaning of life and try to make sense of it. Many of us have never thought about our deeply held beliefs but, sadly, know very well the ones that limit us. Authoring your worldview is hard and energizing. Start here, friend. Never stop.

So, in the spirit of learning from example, here is an example of a recent worldview rinse from one of our craziest (they are all crazy) clients. He agreed to let us share and I hope you take the time to read and reflect on this humans matrix. He, like you, has been through more than his share of it and is still struggling to get through his current adversity. His matrix is his guide. Is yours? Slow down and let his words inspire you to gain clarity within. Slow down….

1. I believe in work. The goal is to achieve the freedom to work as much as possible in my love. To delegate, assign, partner everything else. But always working, fighting, pursuing. Per Shakespeare, “There will be plenty of time to rest in the grave.”
2. I believe in boldness. The timid have never achieved anything.
3. I believe in pursuing the impossible. “Impossible” mean we haven’t yet discovered the solution. “Incurable” means we haven’t yet discovered the cure.
4. I believe life is neither fair nor just. We only receive what we earn, with work, focus, and discipline.
5. I believe we are created to use our unique skills to help others, especially the youngest, weakest, poorest. This is the truest form of worship.
6. I believe people are free to make their choices, including lives of mediocrity and acceptance. I will not try to convert them.
7. I believe resistance and pain should be sought, not avoided.
8. I believe momentum is the greatest power in the universe. In learning, exercise, discipline, I must never stop, never lose momentum. Moving, even in the wrong direction, is preferable to stagnation.
9. I believe we get old when we stopped playing. I must remain active physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and intellectually. It is my holy obligation to the giver of life.
10. I believe God helps those who help themselves. Goliath fell after David took action. Jews were freed after Moses took action. The promised land was received after Joshua took action.
11. I believe in actions over words. Hope and faith are not strategies. Plans, dreams, “gonna do’s”, are pointless. This world only responds to bold actions.
12. I believe it is impossible to know the motivations of others. I will not judge the motivations of others.
13. I believe in fighting on my home field, choosing the location of every battle. Always to my advantage, to my strength.
14. I believe in the race. Every achievement is a new plateaus to launch the next adventure.
15. I believe my highest and greatest obligation to God is to achieve my highest and greatest potential.
16. I believe in companionship, an active partner, strong and confident in herself, an equal. Working, supporting, challenging, encouraging, believing in one another.
17. I believe my results tie directly to my actions, habits, disciplines, thoughts. The only way to change my results is to change my actions, habits, disciplines, thoughts.
18. I believe we become immortal by living a life worth of remembering.
19. I believe the “Word of God” is the living example of Jesus (as stated in John 1:14). The Bible is written by men, telling of their inspirations from God, then perceived, copied, and translated by others. Like a poem inspired by the sunset, its message is understood through beauty, wonder, and awe. To read it as a literal historic scientific text completely loses its message.
20. I believe the greatest command is to love God by loving others, especially those with the greatest need. This begins with our immediate family, then our sphere of influence, then the world.
21. I believe we descended from a common ancestor with the great apes, and at some point God breathed his image into us. That image is purposely incomplete, designed to be completed through working together, empowered by God, to complete great works in this life and the next.
22. I believe Gods image, manifested in me, is to fight and inspire. To fight for the weakest children with cancer. To inspire the strong with courage to do more, be more, achieve more.
23. I believe we will be treated and judged by God exactly how we treat and judge others.
24. I believe success is living in the zone. In the flow. On all cylinders. Enjoying the beautiful rest of earned sweat, with all effort, training, discipline unifying for the proper purpose.
25. I believe we honor God when we acknowledge God’s nature. Our 4.5 billion year old earth, evolution, global warning, are facts to accept.
26. I believe it’s my obligation to sharpen and strengthen my mind, body, soul, to the highest output for the service.
27. I believe my beliefs must be logically consistent.
28. I believe I was given more than most, and am therefore expected to give in accordance to what I was given.
29. I believe I must approach life and God with humility, always seeking, searching, questioning, examining, never believing I have arrived, never becoming arrogant in my certainty.
30. I believe the greatest religion is the caring of the weakest, youngest, poorest. Serving them is serving God. Rejecting them is rejecting God.
31. I believe life is war. I believe I am a warrior. Jesus didn’t die for our comfort. He died to weaponize us to change the world.
32. I believe in a life of no surrender.
33. I believe we must always look, seek discover.
34. I believe I am the master of myself, and only myself. I must hold to my values and beliefs, never worrying about others.
35. I believe in endurance. Marathon. Triathlon. Ironman. Life is an endurance race. To feel the beauty of pain. To feel the high. Embrace the stride. High from my own chemicals. Joy from my own efforts.
36. I believe the greatest wisdom I have received is from children facing cancer. They fight, without struggle. They see only what matters. They love beyond things.
37. I believe in a place of convergence, where every relationship, experience, dream, desire, talent, events, passion, gift, and opportunity converge for a single purpose. This is the place I must live, my place of ultimate achievement and purpose. It’s always changing, and my job is to move with it. Seeking opportunities. Seeking impact. I believe my convergence is in childhood cancer. My obligation is to save dying children, breaking rules, destroying barriers, helping those the system ignores.
38. I believe excuses are the lies of Satan. There are things I must do. For my business, for my health, for my family, for children with cancer. They must be done. Not “if practical” “If opportunity presents” “if doors open”. They must simply be done. Nothing of value is achieved by waiting on doors to open.
39. I believe time is my greatest enemy. Time is oblivious of me, my dreams, my goals, my life. Ignored, time is a whore that screws me at every opportunity.
40. I believe God made me an entrepreneur, leader, obsessed bold confident passionate, finically skilled, salesman, father, endurance athlete, outgoing, extrovert, American, grandfather, son, brother, boss, cancer family, public speaker, lover, giver, inspirational, fun, adventurer, questioner, challenger. And God expects his return on his investment. This is why I exist.
41. I believe in fun. To enjoy the work of purpose and persistence. To laugh and have fun with others.
42. I believe in being right on what matters, ignoring the rest. Refusing to accept the popular, common, accepted, or good sounding. If it matters, do the work to know the answer. If not, don’t care. And never engage in pointless conversations with lazy minded people.
43. I believe I am greatly influenced by my environment. I must embrace places and people that support, inspire, challenge, coach, or teach. Avoid those who bring no value in my journey.
44. I believe life is not a solo event. I must impact others every day, inspire them with courage in their individual journey.
45. I believe in the scorecard. Everything of value can be measured and weighed. I am not objective about myself, and need an objective measure of where I’m winning or losing.
46. I believe my yess should mean yes, no should mean no. Never half-ass. Only accepting commitments I’m willing to give my life toward.
47. I believe in quality over quantity. I want my company to be the best, not biggest. My foundation to be the most effective, not largest. I want my team to be only people seeking to impact the world. This will always be the minority. There are certainly economics of scale, certain quantities required to achieve the greatest impact and effectiveness. But size is a means to the goal, never the goal.
48. I believe I am a skilled story-teller, and must use that skill to inspire, teach, lead.
49. I believe every day is a gift that I must finish well. Sometimes winning, other times losing, but always played well. Always one step closer to who I must become.
50. I believe in being aggressive. I built my company through aggressive risks. Saved my son through aggressive risks. Have fun through aggressive risks.
51. I believe the power of the moment. The breaks between big events. Embrace these small moments, these loose minuets. Most of life is lost in the wasted minuets.
52. I believe God is a coach, not a puppeteer. God teaches, trains, guides, advices, but never manipulates the outcome.
53. I believe in loving life. Adventure, people, conversation, nature, challenge, risk, exploration, discovery, interaction. Everything that makes us uniquely human.
54. I believe in art. The soul communicating what we cannot articulate.
55. I believe in utter exhaustion. To push myself beyond the reasonable, the practical, testing the outer limits of all that I am, learning the limits of the possible by attempting the impossible.

Slow down, friend. Are you delaying your most important work, the work of knowing thyself? Start here. Gain clarity around your deepest held beliefs. Do not be intimidated by this humans clarity. Be inspired. The aim is not to emulate but originate. Start with version 1.0 of your worldview and write down a few. This client started with one and he resisted going deeper for quite awhile. Too much bullshit, he believed, to do the real work. Not enough time, too much pain, and too many messes at the moment. We’ve heard all the excuses. Your life is not an apology so stop with the disclaimers. Do the work. Do the work within. Clarity will come to those who have the will, not the wish. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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