I know you know this. I know you are not going to think you just learned this. I know you are bored easily, love hacks, shiny new objects, and new, new, new. I know this because you are a lot like me.

BTL believes that excellence flows from mostly ancient principles, not much is new. Here’s an example. If you’re aiming at elite status in your domain, you must love the labor. Excellence is hard work and only sustainable if you love it’s pursuit. Secondly, you need mentors – lots of them. Nobody is as smart as everybody, remember. You are not meant to go it a lone. Together we transform. Always together. Masters are mentored by like minded men and women who make each other do what they can. Fact.

And, excellence requires everydayness. Excellence isn’t achieved with a sometimes mindset. Excellence isn’t turned on and off. Excellence is an everyday endeavor. This is why all ancient teachings mostly remind us. We need daily discipline more than another offsite, retreat, event, or degree. The elite practice an everydayness with excellence. They understand we don’t make giant leaps in performance. Instead, it’s an iterative approach. Excellence is baby stepped out iteratively with your commitment to everydayness. This is where most of us fall short. We think we know stuff, can do stuff, and don’t comprehend the everydayness of the elite. Rest and recovery are important, don’t get me wrong. We want our clients to rest and recover when they’ve lit all their candles. And, we want them to embrace the everydayness of their aim.

This is why the O to your opus has to be so freakin’ big and ooze out of your pores. Ain’t no way to dream and do, dream and do, and dream and do some more, unless the O (Overarching vision) is worth the everydayness of effort. If you want excellence, if you want mastery, if you want to bring your big dream more into reality, you are going to develop an everydayness around effort. This is nothing new. You know this. It’s just easier to go hard for awhile and ease off for awhile longer. It’s the everydayness that separates the elite from the good and well intended. Everydayness is the rigor of excellence. Simple, not easy. You know this, right?

Love the labor. Find friends/mentors/builders that make you do what you can. Embrace the everydayness. These are essentials for excellence. Of course there’s more. Start here. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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