Today, as Miss and I set sail for Salina, I recollected that this will be the first time since I left home in 1977 that I’ve returned to Salina on back to back months. I’ve been 800 + miles away for over forty two years and been within 200 miles once a month for seventeen. I’ve only gone home once in a great while. It is time that changes. I’ve been anticipating today for a few weeks now. It’s Fathers Day and we’ll visit my fathers grave, go to Church, lunch, drive around to old haunts, and take in some of the new. Miss and I will be with my Mom. Nothing matters more.

It is never too late to create a new habit. We do not make up for lost time. We simply make time for what matters most. Wisdom comes, not with time or age, but with better choices. A wise woman becomes wise by choice, by deciding to change old patterns with somewhat better ones. Flying high today has allowed me to gain perspective as I’ve taken the time to contemplate the man I’m becoming by clearly acknowledging the man I’ve been. Doctor Scott modeled the way for me. I was not yet ready to realize and absorb his good instruction nor pay much attention to his example. I am now. It’s funny how Dad never made me feel small or insignificant even as I turned away from him and home. He was always there. Ready and able. Thanks, Dad, for all your patience, love, and wisdom. I know you know how much you are in me now. So, friends, enjoy your earthly Father’s Day, if dad is still here. Turn toward home, whatever that means to you. Go. Be with. Talk. It was good to be with you today, Mom. Good to be with.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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