Common practice…

The melody line of BTL comes down to core, opus, and pop. Every-time we hold one on one practice or BTL team practice we are focused on inspiring our clients to do the work within, with bringing clarity to their big dream, and building the discipline of playing with their playbook of PA (pop). The world wants you to do more. We want you to dream more. Once you get clear on being who you are and your aim, we want you to be you and do you. This is common sense. This is not common practice. Excellence is achieved when you make lots of common sense kind of decisions. You make them frequently and without thinking. Is this your common practice, friend?

Live hard. Love harder. I mean, come on man, who doesn’t know that life is hard and the only logical response is to love harder? Common sense, right? Is this your common practice?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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