BTL buddies build each other. The building follows a specific pattern on purpose. Real buddies work on Core, OPUS, and PoP(playbook of Productive action) it like a banshee. BTL buddies are good Cops (Core centered, Opus focused, and committed to PA). Their job is to get stronger within, clearer about their aim, and more disciplined in how they get there. Like good Cops, they get stuff done, make the world a bit better, and do it because they’ve decided to make a contribution in community. The enemy, however, of good community in the world of work is the abundance of pigs ( people invested in gossip). You see pigs are weak within, like to wallow in the mud just to wallow, and waste too much time saying nothing, and spreading fertilizer that smells but does no good. Pigs spread stuff that steals energy from community.


We could use more BTL buddies on your team, my friend. I’m certain we could benefit from a few Cops kicking their own and inspiring others with their clarity and charity. Don’t be a pig, friend. Become a virtuous, BTL buddy and focus on becoming a good Cop who gets stuff done. BTL buddies spread growth. Pigs spread stuff. Anybody can spread stuff that steals energy from community. Only the strong, spread strength, and make contributions that build community. Be one of the few, friend. Be like a good Cop – core centered, opus focused, and committed to your pop. Spread growth, friend.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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