France day one…

Littlest Fricker left his phone on the 767 in Geneva. Blondie cut one of the wires on his bike (no workee). My brakes didn’t brake. Fricker’s shifter wouldn’t shift and then he lost his sunglasses, never to be found. We hadn’t ridden a single mile and lots seemingly had gone haywire. No big deal, I know, but it seems like it in the moments of mayhem.

So, once my brakes got working, thanks to a young mechanic in Annecy, France, the Guv and I took a right turn and then a quick left and found ourselves on Annecy’s biggest mountain (Sumnoz). A 10 mile climb (5000 feet of climbing) to start our France journey. It’s beautiful and hard. Laying next to Miss and feeling like we’re finally underway, we’re now chilling while eagerly awaiting Andrew’s arrival in a few hours.

France day one. Good…

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