Bon jour…

1,847 days ago, Durp, Downer, Blondie, Littlest Fricker, and I returned from our second cycling excursion to the French Alps. As we traveled home that July day back in 2014, I was already making plans for our third trip. We would return, I decided, on June 26, 2019 – tomorrow. We’ve been counting down the days, training like we still have eligibility left, dreaming about the beauty, and ignoring facts like our age, percent gradients, and the heatwave hitting Europe. We are as ready as we can be. Each day is planned out and prepared for. Not much will go according to plan.

Tomorrow, Miss, Guv, Blondie, Downer, Littlest Fricker, and I will fly to France. Our son, Andrew Paul, will hop a train in Berlin with his trekking bike in tow. We will meet in Annecy for a glorious time together. The mountains await to punish and provide pleasure. My eyes will soak in the beauty at the base of every climb, look left and right for inspiration, focus on making it to the next turn, and rinse and repeat until a few hours later the summit is in sight. Beauty and the beast.

As Goethe said so long ago – “Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move humankind.” We want our family, friends, and clients to dream big spiritually, relationally, physically, professionally, and personally. We are not meant to play small. It is good to have big dreams for your work and life, friends. Big dreams move us, just like the Alps, they pull us up even when it seems the twigs are too tired to turn, the summit somehow seems to want us to reach her. So, we will keep pedaling, pushing, pulling, and one switchback at a time, we will progress. Memories will be made. So, friend, what about you and your big dreams. Are you dreaming and doing? Delaying? 1847 days ago we initiated this dream. Tomorrow we will begin to do it. God willing, by July 6th we will celebrate a done so at the summit of Col de Iseran (highest paved road in Europe).

Bon jour, pussycats. Bon jour…

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