Today is filled with eight practices (most ever). We leave for the French Alps on Wednesday and we’re filling it up today so we can take it down tomorrow and begin to fill the legs with more glycogen and free the mind from work. When we hit the first climb to the time we finish the last, the focus will be singular. Undivided.

Early this morning, I reminded a client that his divided attention at home is a problem. His bride wants him undivided and he gives her something less. He keeps his phone on vibrate (even in Church) so he can respond to those responsible for his fortune. He says that it’s faith, family, and fortune. His behaviors say otherwise. So, I reminded him to look at his core and opus. Close integrity gaps. Become more whole. He agreed to a baby step of discipline to give his bride undivided attention. We laughed at how many times we’ve covered this topic and finished off our time with an ancient phrase that guides my practices – “The greatest moral teachers do little instructing, they mostly remind us.”

You and I need reminders, friend. You are best when you are whole and undivided. You cannot split your attention well. Multitask things. Singletask people. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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