The FUD State of Mind

Please note that I have no idea where this acronym, F.U.D.,  (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) came from but it was tattooed on my brain!

Just start anything that you know you really want to do or achieve and that resistance campaign begins, deep within your soul! ” I’ve never done this before! What if I fail? Why am I even attempting this? People may not like it! The list goes on and on! The bottom line, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, (The FUD State of Mind) is real and it can derail any meaningful project that you know you want to accomplish.  I don’t know anybody who has not faced the anxiety of self-doubt, the uncertainty of what the future will hold or the fear of rejection! I like the way Steven Pressfield put it in the War of Art, “Evolution has programmed us to feel rejection in our gut’s. This is how the tribe enforced obedience, by wielding the threat of expulsion. Fear of rejection isn’t just psychological; it’s biological. It’s deep within our cells. Resistance knows this and uses it against us. It uses fear of rejection to paralyze us and prevent us, if not from doing our work, then from exposing it to public evaluation.”

In the past year I have seen enormous change take place with many of the clients I serve, family businesses being sold, reorganizations, new talent hired and all of this causing significant change for many in the organization. And just change an individuals role or bring in a new leader and you will find folks longing for our old team, that leader we all loved and asking why change a good thing! And just like in the scenario above, the Resistance Campaign will begin and a whole range of emotions with it! What we have to guard against in these situations is not allowing our minds to catastrophize and fall into that valley of “The FUD STATE of Mind,” the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as to what the future may hold… will show up soon enough!

Think and reflect on this quote for a moment and maybe even write a sentence or two as to what you think it means to you? “Whatever you can do, or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now!” Goethe

 Resistance is always going to show up in some form or another, guaranteed, for me it’s a question of how strong my Big Dreams are and the sense of Purpose I have that is way bigger than any form of resistance.

Take the time right now to put your pen to paper and simply write a few lines about what really energizes you? What are your Big Dreams that you have that can stand up to any campaign of resistance? I promise you, if you take the time to write a little each day and reflect on some of these important questions, you will meet resistance and fear and boldly face it down!

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