Live aligned…

Today, I was back to opus. First practice at 7bells, second at 8sharp. It didn’t take long for me to get back in the groove. So, when my client was reviewing his scorecard for significance with me, it didn’t take much time for me to realize we needed to add another objective. So we did. We’re score carding some hard stuff that’s specific to his aim and aligned with his beliefs. My job is simply to make him do what he wants to do, not some of the time, but more of the time. He’s strong and getting stronger, so I am pushing him more, not less.

You see, friend, the builder is here to demand excellence, not enable mediocrity. Any candy ass coach can do that. My opus demands more. Fact. So, as we put a bow on practice, I asked my client to write me his learning from practice. He wrote well. I share some of it with you. You haven’t the context but the content is rich.

“The sole purpose of a achievement is to launch the next initiative. Dying is easy, everyone does it. Living is the hard part. To embrace life, I must embrace the hard. Every victory is followed by day #1 of training for the next race. The next battle. The next adventure. The next disciple in pursuit of the life I was created to live. The man I am created to be. The impact I was created to achieve. Choosing the pain of discipline is choosing life. Refusing is choosing death. Like the marathon, victory comes through the discipline of each step. And the race is lost by the smallest distractions. Skipping the hill runs, buying the wrong shoes, eating the wrong fuel. The smallest mistake, the smallest laps can cause destruction. Do the work. Fight the war. Do the discipline. Even when it sucks.”

Pass/fail, mofo. Pass/fail. My client got better today by getting his nose rubbed in it. A huge integrity gap was illuminated and it was ugly, painful, and honest. He’s now focused on becoming a better man. We’re scoring something significant toward creating the life he desires, he’s just not disciplined toward. This one’s gonna hurt him before it helps. Living aligned is not for the soft. Anybody can live loose and easy, right? Only the few are strong enough to live aligned. Today, my client learned he’s out of alignment. He committed to do the work even when it sucks. Pass/fail, mofo. Pass/fail. Real, hard, opus. Score. Good. It’s good to get back to opus.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)….

2 thoughts on “Live aligned…

  1. Your client and you Chet inspired me today to be that much stronger for my clients! Expect more, challenge more and demand the excellence I know they want for their lives and are capable of for sure!

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