Social Intelligence, the currency of the 21st Century!

I was reading a great story about Ben Franklin, a Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher and Inventor. The author referred to Ben Franklin as an Icon of Social Intelligence.  I was really intrigued by this statement, an Icon of Social Intelligence and not only that but how very intentionally he mastered this skill of Social Intelligence

As a young man Ben recognized that he had an out going personality and with a charming manner and friendly behavior he could win people over to his way of thinking or cause.  However, as he started to grow in his personal and business career his charming ways were not always serving him well and being the curious student he needed to understand WHY?

Ben started to understand that his strategy of being the ever charming, friendly and over achieving young man was simply a reflection of his needs and his narcissism and love for his wit, his way with words and winning people over!

Ben started to profoundly realize that in order to truly understand another he had to get outside of himself and observe others, their needs, desires and feelings. It was at this point that he started to become a real student of Social Intelligence. This was a turning point in his personal life and business career. Ben Franklin would soon become the preeminent observer of human nature. Ben took that journey outside of himself and discovered a whole new world of transformational relationships.  At BTL we describe this journey as being more CORE Centered & Self-Controlling as opposed to Self-Centered & Other Controlling.

When you are able to sense what another human being is feeling, you open the door for deeper understanding, empathy and the building of trust. We naturally possess the empathic skills and the ability to observe, however, like any other skill we build and hone, it takes commitment, study and repetition.

As Daniel Pink said in his book, Drive, the currency of the 21stcentury is Social Intelligence, building strong networks throughout all areas of our lives.

How about you, where is your focus?

Are you fully utilizing your skills of observation and being a better student of human nature?

As we like to say at BTl, baby step it!Take one small step today and start with a family member, listen more, observe more and for gosh sakes…ask some curious questions!






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