The American dream? It’s not found in money and material. Nothing inherently wrong with money and material, don’t get me wrong. I feel I’ve been blessed with plenty of both even though many have more. I stopped chasing money back in 2002 when I sold out completely to chasing meaning. I left the cushy corporate world with all it’s stock options, club memberships, and seemingly endless benefits to pursue my opus. I knew this work meant so much more to me and would soon find out I was not a lone. I am filled with joy, wonder, and a deep desire for more – more meaning, that is. You see, friend, once you taste meaningful, life changing, life giving, work, you wake up ready to go. The universe will bend toward you. Enough of everything will flow your way, you’ll see. The counting, endless scheming and striving, will succumb to your being. Peace.

Last night I saw another young lad lit up chasing money, money, money. I smiled at his grit, determination, and fire. And, I reminded him that nothing matters more than meaning. America is filled with highly paid laborers devoid of enough meaning to keep them going. So, these successful money men and women eventually end up trying to buy happiness in all sorts of bastardized ways. Does not work well. Chase meaning. Aim at opus. You’ll find unbridled joy amidst worthy challenges. You’ll experience peace and real prosperity in your soul. A Duchenne smile will crease your face. Others may notice. You most certainly will.

So, friend, this Friday morning what’s your sense of being? Are you on edge and anxious or peaceful chasing a meaningful purpose with unbridled passion? Chase meaningful work, relationships, and lives. Chase meaning. You’ll catch much more than money can buy. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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