Together we burst…

I am a cyclist. Actually, cycling is my favorite hobby. Nobody pays me to ride – I just love to. Actually I love to go fast. I ride all year long and rarely go fast. During the spring I always wonder if this is the year that it “won’t happen.” You see, every year I begin to question why I train so hard. I ride and ride and the speed stays the same. I want a linear progression to my effort. It does not happen and oftentimes I start to lose hope. Then it happens. I go faster. My performance bursts.  As I’ve become a student of high performance individuals, teams, and leaders I’ve come to notice this as a recurring pattern. We do not progress in a linear fashion. We suddenly lose weight, gain speed, build confidence, grasp a concept, improve sales and on and on it goes. We need to trust the process.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in his book titled The Black Swan explains – “Nonlinear relationships are ubiquitous in life. Linear relationships are truly the exception; we only focus on them in classrooms and textbooks because they are easier to understand. You play tennis every day with no improvement, then suddenly you start beating the pro. Your child does not seem to have a learning impediment, but he does not seem to want to speak. The schoolmaster pressures you to start considering “other options,” namely therapy. You argue with her to no avail. Then, suddenly, the child starts composing elaborate sentence, perhaps a bit too elaborate for his age group. I will repeat that linear progression, a Platonic idea, is not the norm.”
We burst.
At BTL we build strong individuals, teams, and leaders. We practice hard using the 12 8 4  framework as our process. Our practices are nonlinear. The feel like “fits and starts” more than anything. We have a front row seat to bursts. And see them we do. We watch people breakthrough. We watch people experiment. We watch people fall. We watch people get it. We watch people grow. Do not worry if your performance gains are nonlinear. Trust the process. Keep riding hard. Your speed will come. Keep working. Keep pushing. Keep embracing the pain and suffering. Keep encouraging those around you and pulling others along. Keep looking beyond yourself and see the beauty amongst the beast. You will not break, but instead, your performance eventually  will burst. Together we burst toward our best. Always together. Good.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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