Autonomy and alignment…

In our study of the human condition we’ve discovered lots of truths that are universal as well as many that are situational. Humans are hard wired, we believe, to both become the original that they are and build a sense of belonging with others. Become and belong, we’ve labeled this condition.

Another way to say this is that humans yearn toward autonomy and alignment. We want to learn to stand on our own, find our own way, make our mark, and develop a strong sense of self. Humans want to taste autonomy. And, we all want to find a team where we fit in, where we sense some semblance of alignment, and it feels like home. Autonomy and alignment. Good.

At BTL, our purpose is creating this exact, weird combination. We build individuals, teams, and leaders that become and belong (autonomy and alignment). Our purpose oozes this essence – “Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward becoming all one – one “L” of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connecting, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.” This is why we’re here.

There are no perfect humans, therefore, there are no perfect teams, families, companies, or countries. Our aim is not perfection but progress. We aim at excellence and settle for nothing less than your best, our best, and my best. Our country is here because a few founders decided to experiment becoming and belonging with thirteen distinct and deeply connected colonies. We’ve been figuring it out ever since. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Where do you need to get busy? Becoming? Belonging? Working on yourself or working on others? Accepting yourself or accepting others? Demanding more out of you or out of your team?

Maybe, just maybe, you need to get comfortable with progress, not perfection. Maybe you need to demand more and accept more. Maybe you need more clarity with your purpose and passion. Maybe you need more time a lone. Maybe you need more time with others becoming all one. Maybe you need to make peace with your place. Maybe you need a push.

Live hard and love harder. It’s always about the “and.” Thanks, Teeks…

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