37 years ago we committed, Miss and I. She was barely 20. I was an immature 23. Today, we are far different people both inside and out. Tonight, we’ll raise a glass in front of nobody but each other. Five children have come and gone. We’ve both lost a parent. We’ve seen friends divorce and die. Somehow we’ve still got each other’s hand to hold onto.

Tonight I’m feeling blessed beyond belief.

Remember, friend, freedom is overrated. We’re actually happiest when we’re more committed than free. Thanks, Miss, for not opting out. Thanks for believing our vows in your heart of hearts. Thanks, Miss, for being my best friend and picking me up when I oftentimes fall down. Thanks, Miss, for growing old but not tired beside me. I am blessed being with my Miss. I am blessed by her belief. There is nothing as energy giving as having my Miss by the hand and knowing she’s forever in my heart. Tonight we will celebrate 37 years together. Together we transform. Always together. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “37…

  1. Toto – happy anniversary! I remember 37 years ago when u left our training (not practice as we know it) to go on your honeymoon!

    Ps. And a reminder from your last post…. giving and receiving “con-gratitude-lations” is the secret of life.

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