Finding Community

I met this morning with a group of like minded men to discuss and study passages from the Bible and how these lessons and stories can impact our daily modern lives, (our behaviors, actions and the vision we have for our own lives.) John Rue, one of our BTL Partners started this Bible Study Approximately 5 years ago and each Wed. morning at 7:15, 50 to 80 men come together in community to share in God’s message.

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I listened to John and others discuss their ideas and thoughts about the passage we were studying. Number one, the impact John is having in our community and the commitment he has made to OTHERS and his FAITH. He is modeling what we talk about consistently on this blog site, take the time to reflect, think and re-orient your life around your deeply held Values and Purpose for your life. When we don’t take the time to reset, to recalibrate, we can so easily get off track and lose our way defaulting to old habits and behaviors that can cause so much pain in our lives.

Secondly, John is modeling one of his strengths and that’s his ability to deeply connect with others and sharing his deeply held beliefs of Faith and Community. John at his CORE is about serving others and building into them through his strong Faith. This CORE Community of Men will be a lasting legacy of John’s work/life, bringing men closer to Christ.

This morning was another reminder to me how important it is to find community with others and broaden our thinking, test our ideas, beliefs and grow through the stories, experiences and Faith shared by others. It’s taken awhile for me to get back to this CORE Community but I’m back and could not have felt More Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Finding Community

  1. “Petrol” – your number one strength is positivity thanks for modelythe way and letting some of it rub off here on me. Readers, are you living out your strengths? In my worldview they are a gift from God. Do not neglect, rather follow it and you just may find the Caller of your calling.

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