One – Uncommon among the uncommon…

The aim of our work at BTL is to transform ourselves and some of our family, friends, and clients into one, distinct and deeply connected. Our desire is to build ourselves first and foremost. We have come to understand that we are our own worst enemy and that we cannot take others further than we’ve gone ourselves. We are always under construction and live with the mindset of “no finish line.” So, when you encounter a BTL builder you should notice something – they’re not normal, nor do they care. Our aim is not to intimidate you with our strong core, self authored opus, and commitment to PoP (Playbook of Productive Action). Instead our aim is to inspire you to do likewise.

You, friend, can do more than you think. Like most of us, however, you are limited by your mind and perceived limits. In fact, most humans, live life allowing their governor (self limiting beliefs) determine their accomplishments. So, when you engage with your builders do not expect them to accept your excuses. Expect your builders to make you do what you can as we live out Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote – “Our chief want in life, is someone who will make us do what we can.” We are that one.

This work is not for those looking for a quick fix or hack. Transformation takes time, energy, and a shit ton of effort. You will not be normal but you will many times wish that you were. Your mind will want you to stop, settle for the way you are, and accept whatever height you’ve reached as high enough – you know, act your age or some other stuff the world has placed in your mind. Stop those thoughts. Replace them with some thoughts like these from someone very weird – David Goggins (Former SEAL, Ranger, and Ultra athlete) “No matter what you or I achieve in sports, business, or life, we can’t be satisfied. Life is too dynamic a game. We’re either getting better or we’re getting worse. Yes, we need to celebrate our victories. There’s power in victory that’s transformative, but after our celebration we should dial it down, dream up new training regimens, new goals, and start at zero the very next day.”

We, your BTL builders, will model the way. We will start at zero every day. We will not act our age. We will act productively. We won’t stop and we won’t easily allow you to either. A few of us will grow old but not tired together. Together we will transform. Always together. You see, friend, we are aiming at becoming one – uncommon among the uncommon. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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