Humans do not remember sound bites, snippets, or samples of standalone data no matter how seemingly significant. Humans hold onto stories. Sadly, many only remind themselves of old, tired, negative stories. So, leader, if you want a team to run through walls beside you, tell them lots of stories of their great work and contribution. Do not make this stuff up, simply observe them doing their thing and remind them why it matters to you and those you serve. And, tell them your stories and stories from history that inspire them to be more and do more.

Remember, all humans are wired to belong and become. We all want to know we belong to another and we all want to become autonomous – our own man/woman, if you will. We love stories that show us the way toward becoming who we are and that make us what to do more together too. Recently, during another BTL team practice, I told the team one of my stories, the story of why we go to the French Alps and ride the steepest, longest, and hardest alpine passes we can find. I told them how it started with Larry Allen and me dreaming about doing something hard for my 50th birthday. I told them about him dying before we made the first trip and how Downer took his spot and we put his number 83 on top the Alpe. I told them about Miss and Andrew coming along this year and more wives and children coming in 2022 when we do it again. I told them a story and afterward one of them told me it was the best one I’ve told yet. Who knew.

Tell stories, leader. Make your teammates want to be and do more. Tell your stories. Tell their stories. We remember stories. Make ‘em good ones, leader.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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