Hard and soft…

I just finished a reread of Goggins book – Can’t Hurt Me. I’m now finishing my first read of Katrin Davidsdottir’s book titled Dottir. She is the two time Cross Fit games World champion. She and David Goggins are freaks, not of nature, but freaks from hard training. They are both hard bodies with harder minds. Whatever the aim of your opus, friend, learn from these two champions and harden your mind while softening your heart. Most humans have habituated the opposite.

Most of us have hardened our hearts and softened our minds. Hard opus requires a hard mind. Hard opus, your labor of love, is still filled with adversity, obstacles, and a shit ton of opportunities for you to opt out. Hard opus is hard. Most of my client work involves me preparing their emotional response to adversity, mine too. You see, friend, we’ve grown soft as a society. We tend to think we’ve got more stressors, less time, face more change and obstacles than previous generations. We tend to catastrophize our work load and opt out at the first feeling of discomfort and pain. We haven’t hardened our mind and it’s natural state, remember, is energy save mode. So, we load manage ourselves well below our capacity.

I have a few very self aware clients who are hardening their minds. These studs are going through hard stuff like the sale of a company, divorce, disease, and rapid, almost runaway growth. Their hardened minds are serving them well. They are doing more than they think and it’s fun to build beside them as they respond to hard truth by doubling down on effort. Hard minds are required to sustain and live true to your core and toward your opus. Do not miss this. Nothing in life is easy, at least not for long. Suck it up. Harden your mind. And, don’t forget this truth – Hard minds, hard bodies, hard core, and hard opus, can callous our hearts too. It’s really easy to harden our hearts and look down on those around us who’ve not done the work, can’t keep up, and we really don’t respect. The aim is to harden the mind and soften the heart. This requires us to look up and be grateful, humble, and filled with more love than fear. This requires us to slow down and remember how fortunate and how far we’ve come since waking up. This requires us to listen to hard truth from our builders, family, friends, and truth tellers.

Hard mind. Soft heart. Hard and soft. Are you building both? Are you preparing your mind for the road ahead? Are you giving others the benefit of the doubt? Are you looking down or lifting others up? Slow down and reflect. Your mindset matters more than your skill level. Are you aware of your governor? Are you overriding it or overreacting as you attempt to load balance life? What’s your mindset – Can’t hurt me or Can’t? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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