Too lit…

Last night I took my two Magnesium pills and my nine drops of CBD oil. This is my post performance routine to lower my bad ass brain chemicals and prepare my mind for rest and recovery. It works most of the time. It did not work last night. Here’s why.

This early am when the alarm vibrated at 5:14am, I was already awake as I’d been tossing and turning most of the night. My mind did not want to settle down, you see. For some reason, I was lit about this morning’s workout in the new Jennings Wrestling facility. You see, my son was coming, as was Grappy’s son, and some of the Lacrosse coaches too. I anticipated the 45 minutes of hell that would produce fails in me and all around too. Back in 2010, I loathed this idea. I had not fallen in love with acute pain and believed that chronic lower back pain, chronic left hip pain, chronic shoulder pain (in both), and chronic pain in my mind, was simply the price one paid for passing age 50. I was so wrong.

Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. Choose acute pain. Peace is found on the other side of the acute stuff. These were not part of my worldview back in 2010. They are bolted on beliefs now. Today, fifteen crazies mixed it up at the Jennings and then forty nine athletes mixed it up over at The Schumaker in BTL team practice. It was all freakin’ magic, at least to me. You see, friend, sleepless nights are part of the gig when you love work and life. Some nights you’re gonna be too lit with anticipation for the work that lies ahead of you. Some nights you’re still going to be thinking about doing hard things well and it’s going to result in you tossing, turning, and tossing some mo. When was the last time you couldn’t sleep because of the joy of your work/life?

Life is an energy management problem. Nothing gives you and I more energy than the passionate pursuit of purpose – your purpose. I know with crystal clarity, now, why I get up early and go for the acute pain instead of the pill. I know why I can’t wait to go to work and why I can’t wait to go home and be with my bride. I know why I labor in love and not in vain. I’ve done the work within and believe I’m not done working within or with you, friend. I’m growing old but not tired with family, friends, builders, and clients who love this stuff like I do. Most nights I sleep well. Last night I was too lit. Too lit. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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