Compass & map…

Imagine you are lost in the deep woods, really freakin’ scared and really freakin’ lost. What are the most important two tools you would want? When I ask this question, I most frequently hear food and water. This is good but it’s not the most important tool. You see, friend, food and water are temporary tools. They have built in expiration dates. When they’re gone, they’re gone and soon you will be as well. Another one I hear a lot is a lighter. Again a lighter will start a fire, but only for awhile. This too is exhaustible. Flashlights are another frequent flyer. Again, batteries burn out baby.

Lost in the woods you need a compass and a map. The compass points due north and the map guides you to temporary solutions (like food and water) and the big dream of getting out of the woods and onto the promised land. Most humans live like the ancient Israelites, wandering in the desert for 40 some years and then dying. This is not the one you want.

Building your BTL core and opus are life tools. Your core is your compass, pointing you due north to the man/woman you are, your deepest held beliefs, and the principles that are going to dictate your days. Your opus is your road map for living your best life toward your land of milk and honey. It would be nuts to possess a strong core and authentic opus and then not look at them or use them. This would be like being lost in the woods with a compass and map and simply leaving them in your pocket. That would be nuts. I mean come on man, it would be insane to have built the tools and then not use them every week to guide your way. So, friend, build your core and author your opus. This is not an exercise, it’s a way of living. Use these tools. Look at them. Remind yourself, daily, who you are and where you’re going. Choose productive action each day that aligns. Life is difficult. We are mostly lost in the deep woods. The best among us, simply have better tools to navigate the adversities that lie ahead. The best among us, use these tools everyday, not every once in a while. Build your core and opus. Treat them as your compass & map for living your best life. Use them. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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