Falcons are the fastest creature in the world, capable of hitting speeds up to 240 mph, I learned today. We watched this beautiful bird fly by our equally beautiful building this afternoon and were mesmerized by it’s speed and agility. Leaders, at least the good ones, are a lot like Falcons – they’re decisive. When it comes to ruling the air, speed matters. Same is true on the ground.

Your job, if you’re a leader, is to be decisive. Speed and agility matter. Leaders, not unlike professional poker players, are distinguished by the quality of small bets they make. Amateurs keep waiting for the perfect hand, one more piece of analytics, and fold frequently. Professionals are more decisive. They don’t bet the farm, but they defer and delay less often than they decide. There is nothing wrong with taking your time with big decisions. Just realize that your tendency is to take your time with small bets. Stop this. Decide more. Move. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to migrate your value proposition ahead of the competition and your customers. You will not be right all the time, leader and that’s not a problem.

Falcons only reach Mach speeds when they’ve decided to go all in and dive after their prey. When they miss their mark, they pull up before going splat and pick another target. They spend next to no time getting down on their failed attempt. We reward the leader who flys like a Falcon. We love being around someone who isn’t afraid to go for it, pull the trigger, and take a calculated risk. Everyday, I’m around leaders who value smooth flight over speed. Smooth flight is overrated. Speed and agility matter more. Learn from Falcons and take more risks and deep dives. Yeah, baby.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)….

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