Protect your name…

There’s not much more important than your name.

Your name, specificially the name you’ve given yourself, is really all you’ve got. Your reputation is not your name. Your reputation is what others name you. We’ve got next to no control of what others call us, do we? We can’t protect our name in terms of what others will call us when we’re not around. Your name is not your given name by birth, boss, bride, brother, or any other. Your name is yours alone to give.

Protect your name.

There’s nothing much more important than protecting your name. Do not allow others to cause you to doubt your name. Many people call me too much or too little. Many call me crazy, extreme, and emotional. Many people call me many names that are not edifying. I do not let their names into my core. I know who I am and whose I am. I Stand for beauty, justice, and honor. I bathe in love, aim for mastery in my craft, and am fixated on becoming BTL. I’m a truth teller and still learning to listen more than speak. I make people better. I’m a builder of people, always have been. I am clear, concise, and direct. I am confident in my craft, not much else. I rely on my bride, a few builders, and a few friends to illuminate my blindspots and, together, we are transforming. We are becoming one, distinct and deeply connected, and will never be the same. Good.

Do you know your name, friend? Do not compromise your name. The “dark night of the soul” moment is a case of mistake identify, remember. I appreciate Marcus Aurelius more now than ever. Jesus too. These men knew their name. Neither of them wrote a book or had a monument erected for us to remember them by. Neither named a building after themselves. They knew the importance of their name and we’re still talking about them today. What are the names (identities) you’ve given yourself, friend? Protect your name. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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