Slow down and reflect…

Slow down and reflect. When I rewrote the 12 Essentials playbook for the fourteenth time back in 2006, I was struck with the need to add these four words to the end of many pages in the playbook. I knew that most of my family, friends, and clients (me included) were fixated on going places, doing things, and getting stuff done – lots of good stuff too. My family, friends, and clients were busy making things happen and were always looking for the next hack to hurry more things along. You see, BTL builds high performance humans and high po’s get up and go!

Here’s the thing, friend. You and I are not things.

We are not meant to move like machines and keep finding the next gear and more horsepower in our quest for more speed. High performing humans, unlike other animals, are prone to running themselves to death when nothing is actually chasing them. High po’s will go, go, go and go some mo. This infatuation with speed leads to lots of success and kind of feeds on itself. High po’s go until greeted with hard stops like heart attacks, high blood pressure, or hard falls from on high. This is why, in 2019, I’m still using these four words – slow down and reflect, as reminders for all of us seeking excellence. Sometimes I’ll use words like, “Slow down and sit with this for awhile.” Sometimes others.

You and I are not things. We are at our best when we reflect and act, when we’re the reflective actionator, as I coined long ago. I know there is no such word as actionator, but it just describes what we’re after so much better than the reflective activator. We are all about productive action and we want to remind you that most productive action is preceded by a slowing down time of reflecting. Do not skip this step. Don’t continue to act quickly on big things. Do not rush to judge and form quick conclusions on those you barely know. I mean this would be like choosing whom to marry the way you choose what to order at Northstar cafe. The world wants us to constantly speed up. Excellence requires that we learn to slow down. Slow down and sit with this awhile. Where are you rushing to judge and need to sit with your perceptions a bit longer? What decisions are you over analyzing? Where are you on the continuum of reflective actionator – too reflective or too action oriented? Slow down and reflect. Go to your room, quietly, alone. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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