I can remember meeting my future financial planner at a basketball game back in the early 90’s. I knew then I wanted to start BTL but I didn’t have enough yet. I wanted his help to build my financial strength so I could take the leap. He did but still I did not jump. I was too weak to make the leap.

You see, friend, I was too spiritually, mentally, and relationally weak. My bank account had grown strong but my core had mostly come along for the ride. Still to this day I need reminders to squelch my rampant insecurities, roaming like an unbelieving Lion just beneath the surface, ready to devour my confidence, conviction, and leave me believing I’m still not enough. I believe we always need reminders. I mean why else would the writers of the Bible include hundreds of reminders for all of us to “fear not!”

God tells me I’m more than enough the way I am. God accepts me, just as I am. God looks at me and sees who I’ve become and reminds me that I am His. God does not infuse doubt and wrongful desire. God promises peace regardless my outward performance. God reminds us all that we are not a lone, never have been, never will be. God promises to never leave us or forsake us. God is good. You and I are enough. Financial poverty is not our problem. We can all solve this one when we realize we’re already enough. Our financial statements just require each of us to be practical when it comes to debits and credits, you know. Spend less than you make and you’re enough financially. Fact.

Our spiritual poverty is the real hole.

As Pascal said so eloquently back in the 1600’s – “We all have a God shaped vacuum that only He can fill.” Six, seven, eight, or even nine figure net worths won’t fill it. Fourteen or fifteen majors didn’t do it for Tiger. Gold medals won’t make you whole and neither will National or World championships. Slow down and sit with this one for awhile. There is nothing wrong with the aim for excellence and the straining for success. We are made for good work and lots of it. Keep it all in perspective. Do not fixate on progress. Practice. Do good work. Focus on the process. You are already more than enough. So, go on push forward with persistence and peace. Trust God. Trust yourself. Trust a few friends. Trust the process. Do not fixate on progress or outcomes. Enough. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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