Meek is anything but weak…

Leaders are believers and connectors too. Leaders possess a contagious confidence based on hard earned competence. Leaders are not easily moved off center, their strong, core based sense of self steadies them in tough times. BTL leaders are calm in the storm. Like a solid rock, the waves crash all around them and they appear unmovable. This can lead to arrogance, hubris, self centeredness, narcissism, and eventually toward self sabotage. Catch yourself, my strong, core centered, BTL leader. Control yourself. Put a bit in your mouth even though you’ve earned the right to run free. Stay curious.

Stay curious. Be a bit more meek and keep your sword in its sheath.

You see, the proud sister looks down on her running mates. The proud man sees others fatal flaws while ignoring his own Achilles heel. Hell awaits this leader. A fall from grace is simply a matter of time. Do not think this applies to others. This is applicable to you and me. Bathe in intellectual curiosity. Bathe in relational curiosity. Bathe is situational curiosity. Bathe in emotional curiosity. Develop an appetite for consuming hard feedback that comes when we seek feedback like a curious child (even though the team has come to see us as confident,convicted, and calm Capitan.

Stay curious. Be a bit more meek and keep your sword in its sheath.

You see, friend, someday the meek shall inherit the earth, the Bible reminds us. The meek are simply men and women who carry their sword with strength and honor and choose to keep it in their sheath. Do not mistake this for weak. Strong women cut with confidence and conviction when they decide to use their sword. They are capable of cutting a wide swath, they just rarely swing. You see, friend, the strong rarely pull the sword from its sheath. They’ve learned to stay calm and curious while remaining confident and convicted. They don’t go looking for a fight. They stay curious when others start cutting. These BTL leaders are meek. Don’t confuse meek with weak. Real strength is best kept in it’s sheath. Real strength is meek, kept in sheath, and anything but weak. These leaders shall inherit the earth. God, help me stay curious, be a bit more meek, and keep my sword in its sheath. God, help me. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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