Recently we had a newbie join a high performance team we’ve worked with for a number of years. I asked the leader to tell our newb what to expect in BTL team practice. The leader took a moment to think (he’s a slow roller to start but once he gets rolling he turns locomotive, so cool to see). “Two words,” he said and then paused before sharing matter of factly his two words to describe me. Before dropping the two, he told the newb that BTL practice as facilitated by me isn’t “rah, rah or in your face crazed.” I couldn’t help but smile as I tuned in and waited for his two words. He continued to tell the newbie more words around what this wasn’t. Team practice isn’t this or that, it’s not like anything you may have experienced over here or over there, he continued. He paused again and then dropped his two words to describe BTL team practice and my leadership. I waited and wondered.

Genuine objectivity.

My client described me and this thing called practice as genuine objectivity. He went on to explain what he meant. He shared that I am genuine. He told the newbie he could trust me, that I’m no bullshit artist, just the opposite. He said Chet brings genuine objectivity, again. Chet brings an objectivity to our team that we appreciate, I heard him say. He went on and on, at least it seemed so to me. He kept coming back to genuine objectivity. I’ve never heard me or BTL team practice described so well.

Our job, as builders, is to calmly, matter of factly, read the room, offer objective, outside perspectives rooted in competence and delivered with humble conviction. Our job is to play with what the team gives us and “and” in such a way that it feels almost scripted even though there’s no way it could have been. Our job is to remain quiet most of the time, let others speak, tune in, and tell stories that are sticky, relevant, and bring it home, so to speak. We are not entertainers, politically correct, bullshit artists, or soft kitties. We are truth tellers/hearers who build distinct and deeply connected teams even stronger. We, in a nutshell, bring genuine objectivity to practice. We build teams of peers that learn to do likewise. Two words to describe BTL and our style? Genuine objectivity. Thanks, Dantheman, for the kind words. What couple of words describe your style, leader? Don’t answer that one yourself. Go ask those you’re called to serve. Go ask your team. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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