Leaders are the message…

Leaders are believers is the melody line of BTL. Leaders believe in themselves, their team, opus, and something bigger than themselves. We connect to believers, even when our beliefs are out of alignment. Do not take up residence in a system where you don’t believe. If you do, you will soon find yourself saying something very hard to understand, much less believe. You will ask your leaders for better messaging so you can keep the team motivated. You will be on the slippery slope to becoming a bullshit artist. Bullshitters speak a lot but say very little. Not good.

Leaders do not message. Leaders speak from the heart and we are either drawn in or repelled by their clarity. Leaders are not neutral and don’t try to be. Leaders believe. BTL leaders have love in their heart and shoot in their eyes. Do you? Leaders are the message, remember. Are you? Message that, leader.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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