Hillary was right…

Tell me, I may listen.
Teach me, I may learn.
Involve me, I will do it.

Today, leader, remember this ancient, eastern proverb when it comes to connecting with your teams. Involve them.

Teach, teach, teach.
Teach, teach, listen.
Listen, listen, teach.

Today, learn from my Mom (Marie Logan Scott). When Jordan (35 now) was born, Mom gave me this advice on the phone upon hearing of his birth. She said when he’s young take the time to teach him like his life depends upon it. Teach him about God, teach him about the importance of family and friends. Teach him the moral code and teach him to not let the negatives pull him down. Teach him to look up, get up, and never give up. Yes, my Mom can preach it out. And, she told me to listen. Tune in like an animal being stalked, not like a stalker. Study him, she said. The older he gets the more you listen and observe. Don’t helicopter she would have said if she had the word. As he becomes a young man, listen, listen, and listen some mo. He won’t want to hear your instruction, so you’ve got to sneak it in with questions, stories, and keep it short. “A little bit here and a little bit there,” she proclaimed was the secret sauce. My Mom is one wise woman.

So, whether you tend toward the east or the Wild West, your teams need more of your ears and less from your mouth. We all listen to our own voice more than any other. Help them make theirs more positive without them even knowing what you’re doing. Involve them. Good. Who do you have a hard time hearing? Who has a hard time listening to you? Involve others, friend. Involve them. Together we transform. Always together. I guess, Hillary was right – It does take a community. Sorry it’s taken me so long to hear you.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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