All decisions are emotional, leader – all of them. Most decisions are framed by fear. This is normal and nothing to hide from. We mostly make decisions based on what we’re most afraid of. Fact. Our best decisions, however, are laced with love. You see,friend, life is filled with uncertainty. Fear tells us to play it safe and take the sure thing. Love tells us to go for it and take a shot at the thing/person/opportunity that makes us tingle with anticipation, lights us up, and fills us up. Choosing to live your opus is a choice informed with love, oftentimes the kind that scares you in the depths of your Neshama, your very being.

Love and fear inform.

Which signal are you most tuned toward? Life does not come with any guarantees and is filled with uncertainty. Life is an energy management problem, remember. You know this. Are you making your big decisions filled with fear or tuned into love? Slow down and sit with this thought for a while. Slow down. What’s it going to hurt for you to turn your frequency toward love? My bet is not as much as you think. Love informs. Love moves you in your soul (Neshama, right Durp). Love does more. Love does. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Meeks)…

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