Attention is attractive…

Lets imagine, leader, that you want a bit more consistency, more commitment, and more competence from your inner circle. You want more out of them. You know they can do more, be more, and give more, but can’t quite push the right buttons or so it seems. You feel stuck and are beginning to feel like you’re stuck with them. Has it occurred to you that they may be feeling stuck with you?

Your team wants more too, they want more of you. Give your teammates consistent, undivided, and non judgmental attention. Be with. Understand them. Attention is attractive – really, really attractive. We do our best work where our heart is in it. This is a rare and wonderful thing when we feel whole; wholehearted, that is. You see, friend, most humans protect their heart from those in power and those they don’t know. This is why most humans do their best work at home, in community, or for some charity that they care deeply about. They feel connected. Connected teams are built primarily by your attention, leader. Want your team to care more at work? Build a more connected team. Give them more of your attention, your most precious commodity. Give them the gift of your non anxious presence. Give them this consistently, not when you have the time but when you’ve made time for what matters most, when you’ve made time for them. Be with.

Attention is attractive.

Give more attention to your team, leader. Understand them. Care for them. Protect them. Be vulnerable and share your humanity, your heart. Jesus is right – Give and it shall be given to you. Where, leader, do you give your undivided attention? Where do you want to give more? Have you chosen to give more first, or are you waiting around until you get more? Are you connecting from your heart or hiding behind heady, strategic instructions from on high? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Thanks for your attention. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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