I love word changes – love them. I love the word change from woe is me to work on me. Another favorite is from do or die to dream and do. I also love when we create new meanings or bring clarity to new words. At BTL we took the Latin word opus and created an acrostic O.P.U.S. (Thank you, Shannonball). O – Overarching vision. P – Purpose. U – Unifying Strategies. S – Scorecard for significance. Our family, friends, and clients have made some serious hay with this one.


Here’s a word from Friedman that brings clarity to what it means to be a hero. According to Friedman (my favorite leadership author), you are a HE / RO. The HE is about intensity of the stressors. The more intense the stressors, the more opportunity for a heroic response. The RO, you see, is just that –  the response of the organism. A hero is someone who uses stressors to improve her response. A hero is made in moments of truth. The more intense/poignant the moment, the more heroic it appears the response. A hero simply responds to the stressor. A hero is made by their response. Stop whining about whatever is the current storm you’re facing. Embrace it. Be grateful for it. The more difficult and intense the opponent, the more grateful the heart of a hero. You see, friend, winners relish hard stressors. Do you?


Word change warning. Winner or whiner. You choose. Your choices have consequence. Whiners worry. Winners work. Whiners belittle. Winners believe. Whiners blame. Winners work on their game. Whiners aim to alleviate anxiety. Winners relish the pressure to perform. So, friend, look forward to your next hard test. Relish the MOT. You are a winner, not a whiner. You are becoming BTL. Good.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Winner…

  1. Good one today!! “Whiners aim to alleviate anxiety. Winners relish the pressure to perform.” Indeed.

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