Let’s fly…

Practice 60 was a gem. My preparation was no different, nor was the time we invested together. The team was pretty much the same team too. Sure, we were missing a few but the vast majority were there and we even had an outsider show up which oftentimes discombobulated this team for one reason of another. Yet, as I reflect back on practice 60 it was some kind of freakin’ magic. Here’s why.


Practice 60 was the Monday after Kobe Bryant’s death. His sudden death set a different tone. Sudden death jolts us, doesn’t it. Last Monday this team was jolted. One teammate (it’s always one of the few, friends) did the jolting as he shared his sudden decision to start reading and writing and doing the work within. He had emotion in his voice as he spoke from his heart regarding his desire to help families who struggle with pediatric cancer. He has begun this work but wants to make it bigger. Kyle Alfriend, another BTL client, shares a similar big dream. If you want to know more, check out how Kyle and his team lead with giving at the Alfriendgroup.com. Amazing. Back to practice 60..


So, we listened as one teammate told us that the inspiration for his writing came from reading the book titled Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This was Kobe’s favorite book, One teammate told us and reminded us that it’s all about the power of practice toward the aim of perfecting ones craft. So, the PA was assigned to all practice participants to come to practice 61 having read and written in JLS. Today, I completed my PA. The book is a page turner and all about the principles of becoming BTL. We are all made for greatness but only the few believe they can fly like a falcon, tuck their wings in, and truly let it rip. Most of us prefer the predictability and easy community of the flock. Kobe pursued greatness and knew it meant embracing a lot of time in solo flight – a lone. Only the few understand and embrace this. Oneness is a great idea until one understands how much hard work it is to obtain.


Practice 61 is coming soon. We’ll see who took the time to read and write as one teammate challenged us. I, for one, am glad he did. I am better for re-reading this book I read in High School while still asleep. It is good to go back and reread. Thanks for the wake up call, teammate. Thanks for the reminder, Richard Bach. And, thanks for publishing part four this go around. Let’s fly, friends. Let’s forgive, friends. Let’s love the good in those that want to hold us back. Let’s master the art of being free. Yeah, baby.


Let’s fly…

1 thought on “Let’s fly…

  1. I bought Jonathan Livingston Seagull a year ago but somehow lost it in my house. Here’s my reminder to just buy another copy. Another recent tragic death was the passing of Leila Janah. Look up SamaSource. She did incredible things in her short 37 years.

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