There is a reason the second essential in the 12 Essentials playbook is titled Build your humility. You see, pride has been the biggest divider of humans since the beginning. If our aim is to unite with even one other, we’re gonna have to build within a strong sense of self, all while not getting full of self. Easier said than done. So, since pride is my biggest problem, here’s some disciplines I’m attempting to habituate toward the aim of beating mine back a bit. Less proud is the worthy aim here…


Find and admit where I am prideful. I am most prideful of my mind, my work, and my will.
Stop comparing myself to you. Pride always compares. Dang it.
Admit my weaknesses. I suck at structure and order. I’m not tender unless I really love you. Details disturb me.
Ask for help. I rarely let another human lend me a hand unless it’s Doug, Littlest fricker, or any other human who works on houses. As for me and my stuff, I’m a bit more reluctant to put my hand out. God, help me.
Seek feedback from a few. Thank you, family, friends, and clients (at least I’m trying to listen to a few). Thank you, Miss, more than any other.
Practice gratitude.
Keep my BTL core in perspective; look up.
Praise others, even those we compete with. I suck at this too.
Celebrate the success of others. See above. I suck less here if you’re on our team.
Ask more questions than provide answers. I’m getting better here, unless your answers display a lack of mental gymnastics or, worse yet, a lack of effort. I despise laziness.
Listen. Really listen to my family, friends, and clients. Limit my use of technology, leave my mobile behind, clear my mind from the past, the future, and away from my insecurities, and look another in the eye and receive all that they are sending. This is exhausting and can only be done in fits and starts. God, help me…
Share credit with others. Oh come on man, you and I both know they barely did anything, at least regarding the heavy lifting. I’m alright with acknowledging another but do we really have to give them credit?
Stop always seeking justice. Replacing revenge with Grace is so unnatural and oftentimes even offensive to my face.
Practice repairing relationships. Easy when I think it was my bad that caused the break, not so easy when I’m still stung from your betrayal. God, my sense of perspective is warped.
Start practicing “unmerited” forgiveness. Alright, alright, but what if the other never seems to take responsibility for anything. What then?
When in doubt (I’m often in doubt, btw) re-read a little Lewis to knock me off my self built pedestal.
“The first step is to realize that one is proud. And a biggish step too. At least, nothing whatever can be done before it. If you think you are not conceited, it means you are very conceited indeed.”
C.S. Lewis
God, help me build my BTL core ever stronger, help me stand for what is right and good, help me admit my weaknesses and take my eyes off of others, help me keep everything in proper perspective, and help me give, give, give as You have given to me. God, help me…

1 thought on “Pride…

  1. I would also say that pride is the main reason that has led to the toxicity that seem to spill out across this country from our so called leaders that reside in Washington. I have seen very few examples of humble leadership being practiced in the halls of Washington.

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