No, this isn’t some ancient stoic we just read about. In fact, this name may never have been used until this morning. You see, Articules (pronounced like the combination of articulate and Hercules) first came to my attention this morning in the shower. Nope, I wasn’t singing or daydreaming – just cleaning. Miss bounded into the bathroom with a big smile on her face and muttering something I couldn’t quite understand. Putting aside the soap, I leaned toward the shower door and asked her to repeat herself.  “Articules, Articules,” she exclaimed with genuine joy and a playful sense of glee.  “I just thought of your new name and it’s perfect. I wasn’t even thinking about what am I gonna call Chester now, and then it just popped in my head – Articules”


My bride, whose been battling Mercury toxicity for years now and just recently fell head over heels and busted up some ribs that hurt like hell, was back playing the name game with me. A Duchenne smile creased my face as my heart accepted her admiration and fondness. You see, friend, nothing heals a heart like admiration and fondness from a loved one. Costs nothing. Takes little effort. Delivers. Every. Time. Funny, Jesus got another human condition one hundred percent right – the more you give, the more blessed you become. Miss gave and received more as she did. Good.


I did nothing to deserve her admiration or fondness this morning. I did nothing. She did it anyway. She’s filling better. A sure sign she’s feeling better too. So good to see and receive. Who could use some free filling from you, friend? Who knows, you may just be the one to not only fill ’em up, but feel fulfilled as you do. Thanks, Miss Missi for filling me. Thanks for renaming me again. Articules is, well, in a word – speechless.
Who, friend, could use a little admiration and fondness from you? What’s stopping you from filling ‘em up? Give the gift of filling another. Give and you will too shall receive. Give. Good…

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