Practice 37…

Practice 37 was a little slice of Heaven. We are three, short years in with this team in the Windy City. The last few practices have been real, hard, labor. We’ve struggled with trust and some deep seated us vs them mentality. The leader could have easily blinked and called it quits. I mean come on man, who wants to listen to hard truth when they really don’t have to? Who?


Only the few, that’s who.


We laughed a lot in practice 37 even though we challenged a lot more. We smiled and shared some struggle together. We didn’t leave with clarity but we left with the road to clarity coming into view. Together we’re transforming. Always together, right?


Together we  transform when Tony tears up his bullshit opus and begins the real work becoming believable. Together we taught Andrew how to fly like a falcon instead of settling like a seagull. Together we coached Charlie up and took down old anchors. Together we walked the line and gave the gift of belief. Together we witnessed Moodyman get clarity around why he writes and why others, well, do not. Together we gave Rod the reins and didn’t accept old excuses. Together we took power from some bullies and returned it to the bullied. We transferred tension to it’s rightful owner and it felt freakin’ magic too. Together we got radically transparent without anybody getting too naked. Together we laughed with Casper and his leadership coach, David Deck.


Practice 37 was a little slice of Heaven because in practice 37 we embraced the mess. We made peace with our place and leaned into our fears. Practice 37 transformed a few, including me. Practice 37 taught me that I don’t know much and I certainly don’t know who leads us vs who wants to be led. Practice 37 was freakin’ magic. Practice 37 was freakin’ magic because of all the hard labor in 34, 35, and 36. Breakthroughs don’t come when we want them, when we need them, or when we hope they will. Breakthrough come when we commit to doing the hard work of flying like a falcon even though we’ve been gifted with the wings of a seagull. Breakthroughs come when work our asses off and then work them off some more. Breakthroughs come when we least expect them. Breakthroughs come when they come. Breakthroughs come to those who commit to doing the work, embrace the suck, and suck it up when ever indication is telling them to tap out. Breakthroughs come to the few because breakthroughs nearly break us before we get through to the other side. Breakthroughs come to those who believe. Good.


Good work team in practice 37. Good work. It’s been fun learning to breakthrough beside you. It’s been fun learning to fly like a falcon instead of settling like a flock of seagulls. Good…

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