No more to know more…

Remember, the enemy of mastery is thinking you know it already.


The enemy of mastery is your thinking, friend. Here’s a helpful hint to prime your mastery mindset. Lets start with what not to think. Never say stuff like, “I know that, I didn’t really learn anything new, or give me something new.” Never say bullshit like that to yourself or your builder, unless you want to get your butt kicked. Never think those thoughts, much less verbalize ‘em! Never.


You see, friend, masters keep learning until they die. Masters never stop learning, mostly about stuff they alread know. Masters tell themselves this. Make this a habit, friend. Tell yourself – “I’ve got a lot to learn, I’ve got the melody line and now I’m after a thousand nuances and then a thousand more.” Masters never stop nuancing. Masters remind themselves and their builders that they’ve got a lot to learn. Masters always want others to bring it on. Masters understand that deliberate practice is the only real route to mastery. So, they marry the mundane. Actually the come to enjoy the grind. Masters find joy in learning to do hard things well. I hope you just learned a little something something, friend.


I’ve got a lot to learn about all kinds of stuff I already know, including what I think I know about you. How ‘bout you? What do you know about those closest to you? Think again. Stop the normal thoughts of no more, we’re good, or I’ve got this, with the masters ccd thought process.


Know more. Good.

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