Nietzsche wrote. Simon says…

Simon Sinek has made a killing off his version of Nietzsche’s call to action around getting clarity of your why. Simon has packaged it into a TEDtalk instead of making millions absorb it in a book. We have half the people on the planet, now, talking about becoming the “best version of themselves.” Lots of talk. Still only a few consistently and productively acting, however.


In practice 45, I called bullshit simply because my mind told me what my ears were hearing did not pass the sniff test. I did not think. I did not measure my words. I did not do anything except express the truth that I was thinking. Today, in another one on one practice I thanked a client for calling bs on me a few weeks back. He immediately tried to back pedal and apologize for being out of line and putting me on the spot in front of the team. I would have none of it. He was simply expressing to me what he was thinking to himself. He was holding nothing back. His motive did not matter to me. His courage to speak his mind made us all better. You see, friend, you cannot change anothers thinking until you know it. You cannot understand anothers anger/frustration until you know it. You cannot begin to build oneness until you up the level of dialogue. Sometimes it starts kinda messy and emotional. Your job, if you think you’re a leader, is to encourage hard truth to come your way. Your job is to call bs and encourage others to do the same. Your job is to bathe in truth, not wallow through all kinds of bs.


Yesterday and today, the BTL purpose was lived out. A few woke up, were challenged, and given the opportunity to transform. As Richard Rohr say’s so accurately regarding my favorite verse in the Bible – “Before the truth sets you free, it tends to make you miserable.” This is why so few are free. So few are willing to endure the acute pain on the way toward enlightenment. So few are willing to die to self to become a better self. So few have a big enough why, I guess.


How ‘bout you, friend?


Do not run from the truth. Run into the clean, antiseptic, and healing light of truth. It will sting but only for awhile. Remember, pain is inevitable. Misery is choice. Run into some acute pain now. Stop bullshitting yourself. Remember a dead German guy (Nietzsche) – “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Why are you here? Why do you live and work? Why does it matter to you? Why does it matter to your world? This is not esoteric bs, is it.


Don’t trust me, remember what Nietzsche wrote and Simon says – “Start with why.” Good…

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