Lead anything, friend, and you’re going to need to become a genius regarding human nature, a freakin’ genius! Managers are great at figuring out strategy, process, and efficient procedures. Leaders are great at figuring out strategy, process, and procedures too. They are even better at figuring out who best can do what, why they need to switch places with you know who, and how to get their top talent to build chemistry through collaboration instead of undermining each other to get ahead. Leaders understand we mostly get in our own way, especially when we’ve tasted success. So, BTL leaders practice as a matter of discipline, to set aside time to see where the leaks are in the boat well before it’s time to start bailing like banshees.


In practice 33 we learned about mental health 101 and the fact that every human is born with a justice thread. You see, friend, we are wired for justice. This is why something inside of you quivers when you first witness a bully shoving an innocent classmate of yours back in elementary school. Your justice thread screams that something isn’t right. However, most of us aren’t strong enough then to do anything about it. Now, when the same thing happens to you, you get tweaked even harder, you get sideways. Your justice thread screams, this isn’t right and we’ve got to get even. So we do. We seek revenge. We hit back (if we think we can get away with it). We make things right, somehow, someway.


You see, all humans have a justice thread and it’s overly tuned to themselves. When we get tweaked, we get sideways. Only the strong resist the urge to get even. Most humans retaliate and seek revenge in some form or another. Do you know your tendencies? Are you aware how you respond to those in power over you and those you power over? The elite look in the mirror and focus on studying and changing themselves. Normal humans look out the window and blame others. What about you, are you more focused on changing others or changing yourself? You have a justice thread and are overly tuned to your own sense of right and wrong. You are not neutral leader. You have certain teammates that simply rub you the wrong way. You have built in biases. You have a limited perspective. You have to learn and understand this is simply a fact of your human nature. And, you have to learn to lead others, anyway. You have to learn to be a better judge and jury. You have to know your tendencies and know when to lean against them and when to lean into ‘em. You have to trust your gut and make the obvious, quick calls and know when to slow it down and ruminate a bit longer before being so rash.


Real. Hard. Work.


So, what does the wise leader do? They look in the mirror, not out the window. They build within. The stronger your BTL core the more consistent you become in how you react to the input of life. Are you aware of your triggers? Are you working on how you react to people, circumstances, and obstacles that have historically gotten you off track? If you want to become great you’ve got to get better at leading you. You’ve got to stop making decisions when you’re sideways and you’ve got to get straight within so you can focus outside of self. Are you focused here? Are you taking up residence in victimhood or taking responsibility? Slow down and sit with this one for awhile.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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