Today, the coronavirus became the coronacrisis, at least in my world. Every client I met was in crisis management. Every client that canceled our practice, did so because they were in crisis management mode. Many of our clients have gone from the catbirds seat to feeling like a house of cards, in a matter of days, not weeks, months, or years. We are collectively in a crucible, not in our control or of our own making. This is the epitome of unchosen suffering.


Slow yourself down, my friend, and keep breathing. Control what you can control. Continue to do the work within. Rely on your inner compass and map to stay rooted and on your path. Now is not the time to go turtle, nor is it the time to go ballistic. The crucible is here. Endure. This crisis will pass, if history is to be trusted. Hang in there. Hold onto loved ones. This is why you’ve been becoming BTL for all these years. Trust your training, BTL family. Together we transform. Together we endure. Always together.


Talk soon. We will talk soon. Good…

4 thoughts on “Coronacrisis…

  1. In my time on this side of the dirt I have come to understand that it is the difficult times that define our character and who we really are as a person. When we have taken the time to live a fully examined life and understand our core principles, it is times such as where we now find ourselves that the true leaders among us will rise. The sad truth is that as a society we have allowed the pillars of what holds us up to be built upon lies and those lies of this world are not quickly being exposed. We have failed to hold the so called leaders of our society accountable for their overall ineptitude. I know that those who have developed a principled centered life are those who will be the next wave of leaders that will guide us back to the eternal truths that we have turned our back upon. As surreal as this day and age is, I have refused to allow my life to be ruled and led by fear. The only fear that I will allow into my life is the fear that we are told to hold for Jehovah God. That is what lead us back from this precipice that our society now finds itself. Stay strong.

  2. Thanks Chet. Great wisdom here. Pillar four in my core says this – “Be comfortable with adversity. It’s going to happen and it’s about my ability to adjust and adapt. Trusting in the work I’ve done and the mindset I’ve developed. The obstacle is the way. Life is full of blessings and battles. My ability to deal with both is the difference maker.” Your message is a good reminder for all of us that are doing this BTL work to stay core-centered! Thank you for posting and Godspeed to everyone as we navigate these unchartered waters 🙏

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