One of my bolted on worldview beliefs is around control. Here’s what I’ve written regarding control, for what it’s worth.


“I am not in control. I cannot control circumstances, other people or life in general. I want control. I am slowly becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable and out of control. I have close to 100% control of my choices, and I am learning to go with the flow.”


I love plans too. Planning stuff gives you and me the false illusion of control, doesn’t it? I’m all about writing out my 2030 opus and getting after a big dream with all kinds of strategic focus. I certainly don’t just take life as it comes and chill. I’ve got stuff to get done, accomplish, and give back to this world of ours – Don’t you? I hope you do and I hope you do so with a secure but loose grip, friends. You see the truth is that regardless our power, position, or plan – you and I are not in control. Never have been. Never will be. This doesn’t give us the freedom to do nothing nor does it take away our responsibility to figure out what God created us for.


I am not in control and I’m making my peace with my place. I’m planning to the best of my ability and I don’t pretend to understand God’s plan – I’ve just made my peace that He does. God’s plan. Good. What do you believe about control? Your belief system is revealed more in the open seas than when safely docked in the harbor. Slow down and put more weight in your keel, friend. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. And, while you’re reflecting give a listen to the song I’m playing in my head and on Spotify to put my emotions at ease during these current storms. The song is titled Higher Love, by Whitney Houston/Kygo.


There must be a higher love. Good…

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