Today, in your system, you most likely are being patient with poor performers. Stop this. Push for performance. Demand it. If you are aiming at a high performance team your enemy is your weakness, your patience, your fear surrounding how you push those you don’t think can quite handle it. Push, anyway. Your problem is you’re soft. You are like Coach Yoast in the movie Remember the Titans. You are not doing your teammates a favor by going easy on ’em. As Coach Boone said, “You’re handicapping ’em.”

Want a high performance culture? Push. Demand. Have shoot in your eyes about your standards, whatever they are. Your culture is built more by what you don’t tolerate than what you do. Stop tolerating toxicity in your team. Toxic teammates are not tolerated on high performance teams. Turn them up or turn ‘em out. Push. En brera. Good…

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