Level the hell up…

Chronos and Kairos are a couple Greek words that translate to the English word time. Chronos is the measurement of time. Kairos is a season of time. We’re in a kairos season of isolation. These are the moments that make or break us. Most humans are unprepared. You are not normal, friend. Use this crisis to level the hell up…

Distraction or distinction.

Most humans are choosing distraction, binging on Netflix, social media, alcohol, and other forms of numbing. We are all stressed. Most humans when stressed, do not make good choices. They are unprepared for the coronacrisis and the hyper stressors that come along with it. So, most humans are mastering the art of numbing. This is not leveling up, it’s numbing down.

Level up. Numb down.

The elite do not waste a good crisis. The elite use the kairos seasons to become more distinct and deeply connected (sound familiar). More one, more whole, more oneness with another, and moving toward All ONE – One L of a difference. Excellence is not easy. Choosing distinction is more difficult than choosing distraction. The good life, I believe, is found in learning to do hard things well. Learning to navigate through this kairos season of forced isolation is an opportunity to use the strong core we’ve been building. Use it. I mean come on man, this is the reason we at BTL make our clients do so much, never ending work within. You have been prepared for this kairos season. Use it. Make this kairos season a defining one, not a defeating one. Choose distinction, not distraction.

Remember who you are. You are not normal. You are one of the few, which is why your attention is here, reading this and learning to level up instead of numbing down. You are One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. This is who you are. Use this kairos season and become even more. Distraction or distinction. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Make the choice to cultivate your core, clarify your opus, and be even more disciplined in choosing productive action that aligns with both. You can do more than you think. Do more. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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