I don’t believe you…

Sam Phillips looked Johnny Cash in the eyes and asked him very ccd if he had anything else to play. Johnny had just paid $4 for his audition and Sam wasn’t liking what he heard. Johnny got pissed while Sam spoke truth. Sam gave Johnny the gift of truth in love when he told him, again, very ccd – “I don’t believe you.”

Johnny humbly let his words in and returned the volley with a question of his own. Johnny asked Sam if he had anything against the Air Force. Nope, he didn’t was the quick, reflexive response. “Will, I do,” Johnny Cash replied as he began to sing his song and Walk the Line toward his Builder’s journey. Sam smiled, let Johnny and his band belt out their song, and bought it hook, line, and sinker before they even finished the track.

Leaders are believers. Leaders are connectors too. Today, we gave the gift of our belief to one of the BTL band. We’re helping him find his voice and authentically connect his heart to his head. You see, friend, nobody’s gonna believe you until you do. You’ve got to believe, humbly hear hard truth, and rise into it instead of shrink from it. Singing your song is not easy. Becoming who God designed you to be is not easy. Nothing worth possessing is easy. Life is hard. You’ve got to learn to live hard and love harder. Johnny wasn’t believable singing that Jimmy Davis tune and neither are you until you’ve got the conviction, the shoot in your eyes, to truly sing your song. Today a BTL builder was given the gift of truth and belief. I’m certain he’s gonna figure it out and before you know it he too will be walking the line with shoot in his eyes, love in his heart, and a masters mindset. Tough and tender. A strong core with a deepening sense of humility. Trusting the process and loving the work.

How ‘bout you friend? Whose song are you singing? Slow down and sit with this learning, Kairos moment. Slow down.

Live hard. Love harder. Good…

1 thought on “I don’t believe you…

  1. Cool how we told him TWO things today, huh?

    “I don’t believe you” AND “I believe IN you” — that old Sam Phillips must have had some frenchie in him, c’est vrai Pascal?

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