Loathe to love…

Self love. Self accept. Self regulate. When we start with self loathing it’s really hard to self regulate. You and I have limited willpower. When depleted we make depleted choices. When filled we make better choices, right? What, friend, are you filled with this morning? Self loathing is not the route to self regulating. Self loathing leads to self abuse and self numbing. Level up or numb down, remember. Self love is the fuel for leveling up, friend.

Self love. Self accept. Self regulate.

We come into this world self centered and other controlling. Excellence requires that we transform into core centered and self controlling. The key to this is what’s in the center of your core. Self love is the heart of high performance and it’s not easy when we’ve all got some form of self loathing to cloud our lens. God, I believe, sees our true selves and offers to fill us up to the point of overflowing. God is love. Are you receiving it?

Live hard. Love harder. (Thanks, Teeks)…

2 thoughts on “Loathe to love…

  1. I’m an insane hard ass, always succeeding on my own. Alone. Help from no one. Living on two principles. (1) if it’s going to be is up to me, and (2) if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to the extreme.

    My worldview worked. I succeeded. But hated myself for Everything I failed to win, failed to control, failed to fix.

    BTL taught me a different way. To become even more Insane on myself. On my body, my mind, my actions, my disciplines. But let go of the rest. Accept what I don’t control. Hard on self. Hard on core. Hard on score card. Calm on all else.

    Keep fighting. Stop struggling (thank you Miles).

    Self love. Self accept. Self regulate. Accept the rest.

    I’ve always loved my results. Hated myself. BTL lead me down a journey to reverse those two.

    Self love. Self accept. Self regulate. Never surrender. And always fight to win.

    1. This is some powerful writing and transforming right here. Thanks for taking the time to share – I have several clients who on the same path and this will most certainly be wise perspective to share.

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