Love or loathe…

You and I are not in control.

As the Apostle Paul said so many years ago, we cannot control ourselves; we do, in fact, what we do not want to do. We battle our own flesh so, it only goes to figure, we are destined to battle other flesh too. Sadly, most never come to grips with these truths and instead of facing their own battle within and the inevitable battles with those they love, they develop the habit of turning their mind from such thoughts and instead choose an endless array of distractions. And, mankind knows a thing or two about distractions.

When we take the time to slow down and think, really think about the predicament we find ourselves occupying, it’s humbling, awe inspiring, and kinda sobering all at once. You and I cannot control circumstances, other people, the stock market or the air we breathe. You and I cannot control those we love or those we loathe. You and I are forced to place our faith in the Sun, gravity, other drivers – even the drunks. Today, work on your mental health. Gain more clarity within. Ask yourself where are you placing your faith, where you’re headed, if you’re awake and oriented times four, and if you are aligning behaviors with beliefs instead of changing beliefs to align with behaviors. Ask yourself if you are surrounding yourself with men and women that raise your bar. Ask yourself if you are becoming a master repairman in your closest relationships or becoming a master rationalizer, a master of making excuses, or a master of maybe later. “Maybe later,” you know, never arrives.

Today, the sun did come up. Today, the air is good to breathe. Today, there is much to be thankful and grateful for. Today is a good day for some building – some building within. Remember, if you don’t feel like building within it’s usually because you’re bitter, blaming, and a bit defeated. As I reminded my client this morning, his unwillingness to build a better relationship with a teammate isn’t about what his teammate’s done to “make” my client loathe him. You see, nobody can make you loathe them – only you make that choice. And when you choose to loathe, you are in effect holding onto whatever poison the other happens to possess. Makes no sense, does it. When you choose to love, however, you learn to let it go. Yeah, it may hurt like hell in the moment. Fact. In the long run – not so much. As your BTL core gets stronger you’ll realize life is too short to loathe. Love and truth give us the giddyup to keep getting after it – truth in LOVE, freakin’ magic. Love or loathe. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Choose better.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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