Yesterday, prior to Stage 5 in the Tour de Isolation, I decided to set a target for my ride. I did some quick math. For me to finish the ride with at least a 3.0 PWR (power to weight ratio) it would take an average Watts output of 212. So, I decided that was my target. I finished the 45 minute race at exactly 212. Coincidence?

“Dream no small dreams,” Goethe said so long ago, “for they have no power to move humankind.” Remember, friend, you mostly hit what you’re aiming at. We mostly look at our tiny twigs and set reasonable, achievable goals. The elite throw that kind of thinking to the curb. My good friend, Grappy, left Syracuse and his scholarship to pursue greatness at Iowa. He walked on with the dream of getting in the starting lineup. He made it to NCAA championship and got screwed in the finals by a referee who flat missed the right call. He didn’t allow his runner up finish to define him and became HC at Hofstra and then The Ohio State University, where he led his team to NCAA team runner up finishes in 2008, 2009, 2017, 2018, and 2019. And, in 2015 he led them to OSU’s first ever NCAA championship in the entire history of the program! He kept setting stupid goals. He aimed high; me, not so much.

Tuesday, in Stage 6, I’m going to aim higher. I may blow a gasket, I may not. I’m going to test the tiny twigs and see what makes them snap. I’m sick and tired of hitting my target. What, friend, are you aiming toward? Might I suggest that you aim a bit higher. I mean come on man, don’t we seem to meet expectations almost all the freakin’ time. What might you accomplish, friend, if you weren’t so easily pleased? Extrapolate this mindset to your college career, athlete, and aim higher. Extrapolate this thinking to your paid profession, producer, president, owner, or worker bee, and aim higher. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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