Great ride…

Yesterday was freakin’ magic, at least to me. Started early on my driveway with seven friends in the outdoor version of the 3PP. We pushed, pulled, planked, lifted heavy balls, swung bells, fluttered, lunged, squatted, and laughed too. It was a great way to start the day. Six practices followed including two team practices that lit me up in so many ways. Three builders joined me on both practices and it is so much better together. Amazing.

And then came stage 6 of the tour de isolation.

My legs felt like mush and I told Miss this was most likely going to suck, as I walked slowly down the stairs to embrace the pain and suffering. Three minutes in and my feelings were confirmed. This sucked. No rhythm. No flow. No nothing, my mind kept telling me. It reminded me of France last summer on Col du Glandon. I wanted to quit half way up that day as everything hurt, I was a lone with my negative thoughts and the quick turn of the handlebars would end the stupid pain. That day I told myself to keep pedaling and enjoy the beauty, dumb ass. Be grateful, you’re in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Enjoy it. So. I. Did.

Last night, I looked up the leaderboard and wasn’t inspired. I mean these dudes were putting up epic numbers and it didn’t mean anything to the tiny twigs. I looked around and no Krit’s either. Finally, I scrolled down. There was my client and good friend, pedaling away for all he’s worth. He was on his way to his highest output, I could see. So. I. Did. Too. I didn’t set a PR but I didn’t quit. Good.

So, this early am, after a solid practice with Tay and another great BTL client, I bounded downstairs and threw on my bibs. I couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle and get after it. Ninety minutes later, I had a new PR that almost came effortlessly. You and I are not defined by yesterday, are we? We are not. We all have great days, good days, and bad ones too. Great lives are not up and to the right, that is a myth. Great lives are defined by how we recover, regroup, and re-engage. If you had a bad day at home yesterday. Make today great. If you had an off day with your neighbor, make sure you smile with them today. If you lost a big deal yesterday, bounce back with new activity today. We all get tired, friend. The stronger your core and clearer your opus, the quicker you pop back up and get after it. Hard labor, we disdain as we tire. Hard opus, we sustain as we perspire.

Great ride, Bk. Great ride, Krit. Great ride, Brian (Highest ever for group), Tornado, Fred, and Keri. Great ride Jon (3.0, baby). Great ride Quinnermanwithaplan. Great ride Mario, Josh E., Sara, Patrick, Emily, and Fritz (epic actually). Great ride TJ, Josh, Kendall, and the Mighty Quinn. Great ride Kass and sorry I missed your great ride Shady. Great ride, Tour de Isolation peloton. Great ride to anyone I missed. I hope you’re learning something about you, my fellow riders, as we transform together. Always together.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Great ride…

  1. This reminded me of one the secrets of building Atomic Habits (thank you James Clear), which is the best of the best may miss a day or so, but they will NOT let themselves miss two in a row. Congrats, Toto.

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